Some Basic Updates

Useless Update Stuff

Update log for the new upcoming Update 4.0 that will be launching through the next month or so.

  • Name Change: Over the next few weeks we will be changing the server name back to Retro Minecraft or (RetroMC). Retro Lands websites and e.t.c, but RetroMC websites will take over such as
  • Around Spawn: Citizens in the next few weeks will be able to build around spawn allowing for cooler builders around it.
  • Market Changes: The market system is being changed/kinda removed in order to favor the new system that will come with Spawn Town.
  • Statistics Page: The new statistic page is currently in testing, you can few its stuff here:
  • World Viewer: The world Viewer was changed to use Smooth Lighting:
  • New Spawn: We are still brainstorming, but we hope to implement a new spawn by the end of December.
  • Towny: We have done some further patching to Towny to hopefully prevent its instability, hopefully allowing us to keep it in the long run.
  • Economy: Recent Results from the Update 4.0 update show that 57.1% of users want a Vanilla Based economy, so we will remain with that. (Hint, there may be a special on XMAS)
  • The Council: We will be looking for new players who are active to join the Council, message me if your interested.
  • Gates Plugin: Its still in testing, but it looks like we will be adding this plugin which is essential a player made Portal to other Portals in the same world.
  • Custom Drops: We have decided with custom drops to most likely only do Seasonal drops due to a large amount of the player base not desiring it.
  • Blocks On Glass: To Be Added
  • Craft Book: To Be Added

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