How To Fix Skins And Sounds

How To Fix Skins And Sounds

Their are Two ways that users may patch Skins and Sounds. The Easiest way is the the use of the Retro Minecraft Client that is still in Beta Testing.


RetroMC Launcher Method

Tested On Windows, Please don’t use unless you know what your doing on other platforms.

The first thing a user needs to do is download the launcher that can be done by clicking this link: download .

Once the launcher has been downloaded drag the folder called RetroMC our of the ZIP Archive, 7zip or winrar is required.

Place the folder anywhere on your pc (normally the desktop)

Once the download is complete ensure that the RetroMC File is inside the RetroMC Folder otherwise the launcher will create up to 6 files on your desktop.

Once the Launcher has been placed on the Desktop, the user may double click on the file called RetroMC in the RetroMC Folder.

When the launcher has opened, select Beta 1.7.3 and click Launch.

Known Errors:

Invalid maximum heap size: -Xmx4096M — This error is caused when the user is using 32bit java. To resolve this error open the options in the launcher and set Minimum Heap to 512 and Maximum to 1024. .\instances\Beta 1.7.3\manifest.json (The system cannot find the path specified) — Try and move the folder off your desktop into another folder and delete all the files except RetroMC.jar. This is often caused when Java doesn’t have permissions to make files in the directory of the launcher.

The RetroMC Launcher is still in Development. We are not liable for any damages that result due to not following the instructions.

Manual Installation Of Skin And Sound Fix

Skin Download: Download




Sound Download: Download