1 Year Of RetroMC

Hello Everyone.

We have just passed a year of running since we went un-whitelisted in November 2017. I, jetpackingwolf took over Retro Lands in late 2016 but after that, we decided to go whitelisted which we remained till November 2017. Eventually, we didn’t have enough members and the older users who use to play no longer played so I and Fizzacles decided to take the server un whitelisted. For the first 2 months we didn’t receive many people as other servers such as Betalands and Puucraft where heavily in the lead, but the players we did receive formed a tightknit community. Many of these OG players were Bus12, ConfutoExerian, Exerian, Chelle, Foxgirl57, Kl200 and many more. We continued running and started to gain more popularity in February to March when we started peaking at 6 members which was a lot for us. We again started to rise again to 8-10 concurrent players during April this year and we were truly growing. We eventually merged with another server called Betalands to form Retro Lands which sadly didn’t go as well as we wanted. During this time tho, there were some good times including the Release of Modern and probably the largest Beta community when we were working together. Eventually, we split from Betalands and remained as Retro Lands as the time being. After the split from Betalands we initially suffered a drop-in players in which the server was a little bit of a ghost town though after a month the server quickly recovered, and our player base has continued to grow since. The future for Retro Lands which is being renamed back to RetroMC seems bright for all. We currently working on Update 4.0 which will bring many amazing updates (Dabato, PLS FINISH BOT) and features. We also have the planned release of Modern which will hopefully come out around December. I would like to thank everyone for staying with us during this time, and especially the tough times. We hope we can learn from the lessons of 2018 and remain better through 2019.


In Order To Celebrate Sugarcane And Cactus Will Both Be Available In The Shop Tell December The First. Ranks Will Also Be 40% Off At shop.retrolands.com to which all money will be going to the development of Update 4.0.




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